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The Jhonson Sustainability Award is Robert Jhonson's lifelong vision of creating a world in which every organization has the opportunity to shout out to the world its commitment to a better world. We envision a world in which everyone has a sense of worth, where everyone can be the best they can be. By working together with others, we can truly make this a better world – now and for generations to come.


Unsustainable consumption and climate change remain some of the biggest challenges for humanity. We know that we can make a great contribution towards a more sustainable world. We want to make healthier and more sustainable our life. We want to inspire as many people as possible to leave our world better than we found it. We want to awaken the creative genius of a humanity worthy of the name. We want to be protagonists and not spectators of a better world. Many things we want... But we can't do it alone. Everybody has a role to play in creating a sustainable reality.
For us, sustainability begins with some big, and even small, changes, this includes awareness and gratitude towards mother nature in our daily actions; the conversion of our lighting into energy-efficient LEDs by aiming for 100% renewable energy in our operations; the use of intelligent work tools and continuous innovation; taking care of our health by making healthy food choices; the use of less polluting transport; reducing waste to a minimum; promoting equality and inclusion; the use of less water and more clean energy at home and at work; transparency and reliability in everything we do.
We are optimistic for the future. Through genius, collaboration, curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit, we know that amazing things are possible!


The Jhonson Sustainability Award (JSA) rewards the excellence of private and public organizations. The ranking is based on publicly disclosed data (e.g., financial filings, sustainability reports), third-party sources such as the Fashion Transparency Index, CDP Climate Change and Water Security, Forest Stewardship Council, Marine Stewardship Council, EPA, World Fair Trade Organization, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), triple bottom lines, ESG reporting, B-Corporations, corporate social responsibility companies (CSR) etc. All required datapoints are pre-filled on over 100 key sustainability issues.


All sectors and dimensions are considered except: organizations engaged in the production and marketing of weapons, tobacco, organizations that lobby to block policies on climate change, which violate human rights, the environment, antitrust. (See Brochure for a full list of screenshots)
Ranking is conducted by Jhonson Robert Company New York, una società di ricerca e consulenza specializzata in management e lifestyle medicine e opera in tre segmenti:
- Jhonson Robert Consulting
- Jhonson Robert lifestyle medicine
- Jhonson Robert University


Potential organizations are contacted for data verification prior to completion of the assessment. The ranking is based on 5 key indicators:
□ Head, or the reason for existing of the organization. (200 points)
□ Heart, or the quality of relationships inside and outside the organization. (200 points)
□ Health, or the psychophysical well-being of the people who revolve around the organization. (200 points)
□ Hand, or the productivity and measurable results of the organization. (200 points)
□ Honor, or the reputation of the organization. (200 points)
These indicators cover resource management, employee management, financial management, climate contribution and supplier performance.


Our partners are the main certification and transparency bodies worldwide.

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Protecting the World’s Most Endangered Species

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