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The Jhonson Sustainability Award is an award but it is also a guide that helps organizations focus on the issues that matter.



We hear from men and women every day who long to make a real difference and transform the world in some positive way. The list of incredibly inspiring visions is endless, but the number of people who actually act on their dreams and bring them to fruition is, sadly, a far smaller number, il motivo è che spesso mancano di una guida. The Jhonson Sustainability Award is an award but it is also a guide that helps organizations focus on the issues that matter.Without exception, the people making a huge mark in the world have been engaging in a number of critical steps for a long time that have cleared the pathway for their visions. Success is never an overnight experience, and there isn’t one tipping point that changes everything.
Being screened for the JSA offers you at least six benefits: 

Focus on what matters

Helping others 

Other focus

The JSA helps you focus on the things that really matter. You simply cannot make the difference you long to if you’re all over the place – chasing a hundred different directions at a time and trying to be something to everyone. It takes an intensive degree of focus on the one key thing that matters more to you, to others and planet. 

The JSA can help you to create something that helps people be, think, and live better. The people making a true positive mark in the world and in our society invariably help others live, work, feel or think better, in some key way.  The JSA help you to make a real difference in the world, to finding your “special sauce” – the way you uniquely uncork the potential in others, so that they too can reach their highest potential and manifest their dreams and goals.

The JSA help you to adopt an “other-focus,” not a self-focus. People who make their marks aren’t all about themselves. If they think only of themselves they can’t generate the consistent power necessary to move mountains. People who are authentic positive forces in the world don’t care about the glory and glamour of being successful. They’re driven and lit up by the work they’re doing and the vision for change they cling to. And they love to help others grow and succeed right alongside of them. People who think only of themselves and their own ascension simply can’t sustain positive growth over the long haul.



Believe and commit

The JSA help you to engage your full spirit, to be generous, kind and compassionate in everything you do. A different way to live your life: how you communicate, interact, perceive, engage, speak, stand your ground, plan, support, deal with fear and vulnerability, etc.
To make your mark, it’s critical to focus not only on your desired goals and outcomes, but on the “how’s” of your life – the way in which you uniquely choose to contribute and intervene. In the end,  it’s the process of your life that truly matters and will be remembered and talked most about, not the outcomes. It’s how you make people feel about themselves and the world that will impact everything you are and do.

The JSA helps you cultivate your self-awareness.To make a real mark in this world, you have to see and understand what habitually trips you up in the way you operate in the world and how you hold yourself back from exponential growth. Every one of us on the planet has blind spots and challenges that we need to overcome in order to grow bigger and achieve the maximum impact and influence. Those who’ve made an imprint in the world typically have done intensive work on themselves, and they keep growing and working on themselves every day.
If you’re not examining your own “power gaps” and working on them every day, you’ll get in your own way and potentially crush the budding opportunities in front of you to make the impact you long to.

It takes courage and faith to trust in yourself and believe in your ultimate visions and your ability to make them a reality. Courage and confidence come from one thing – consistent action. The JSA helps you have consistent and courageous actions to leave the world a better place, allows you to act on what you know to be true, and trust that you have what it takes to move forward, day by day, inch by inch. With these critical actions, you’ll clear the pathway to make your mark in the world. And you’ll help others do the same, supporting them to reach their highest potential right along with you.



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